Thank you to the editors of the following journals/broadcasts where my poems have appeared or are forthcoming.
32 Poems: “The Statues of Rome”, Timberline Review: “Adjacent to the Vatican” Salamander: “A Strand of Hair Curled Like a Nautilus on a Page of Rumi” What Rough Beast, Indolent Books:At Stop & Shop After the Election
Cimarron Review: “Thinking of Adolph Gotlieb’s ‘Drift’ While Mowing the Grass”
Naugatuck Review: “Province Lands” (in an earlier version known as “Plein Air at Ballston Beach”) Nixes Mate Review:What I Want to Say Driving Home After My Mother’s Check Up
Lily Poetry Review: “Again, I Take to the Trees” Mom Egg Review: “At Eighteen” (in an earlier version known as “On You Leaving Home”) Literary Mama:Lost and Found
Ruminate: “This Hole is as Hopeful as Any” Blue Mountain Review: “For Robert Indiana,” Silent Song: A Ghazal,” and Reconsidering the Oyster Sugar House Review: “My Greatest Story” Passager Books (Poetry Prize finalist): “You Chose Pain” cagibi: “Early Morning Swim at Ballston Beach,” and “Nipple Reconstruction or No Nipple Reconstruction”  “It’s the Middle of the Night” WCAI Poetry Sunday: “Early Morning Swim at Ballston Beach”